Apple Edu Sys Gadu
Apple Edu Sys Gadu
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Welcome To Apple Education System

The word APPLE Represents
Advanced Pupils Pursing Learning Experiences”.
Apple is the king of all fruits. Apple symbolies knowledge or wisdom

An exiting high quality and holistic education

High quality teaching with innovative technologies to Personalise the learning for all student

Leaders for a sustainable future

A positve, safe and nurturing environment, that inspires a strong sense of community

Resilent and relationships underpinned by our apple education system


Our Managment

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As the proud, that I am a president of Apple Education system, I welcome and invite you to learn about our school community.

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As a school trusty I am ultimately responsible for the learning safety and emotinal growrth of our students and teachers.

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As a trusty of Apple Education system my vision for apple education system school, focuses on main area.

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Mrs. Divya Chariya

Our school has been dedicated to providing the very best education to our students.